winebottleNostos, from the Greek of Homer’s day, expresses a yearning to return, love of homeland and of one’s roots…nostalgia.


The current owners purchased and transported it up to Olympia, WA.

The second owners spent their first nine years of marriage living on the water, boating and sailing. After moving off the river their day-to-day lives on land just didn’t seem the same. One day long after their son was grown and out of the house they realized how much they missed their time on the water. The search for the perfect sailboat ensued.

The name of the boat was inspired by a bottle of wine that they saw one day at the market. They had been trying to come up with a name for the boat and they had names on their list that included the very mundane and typical to the bizarre. After looking at the back of the bottle to find out more about the winery, they knew that “Nostos” was not only a perfect name for a bottle of wine, but a perfect name for their boat.



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